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Willett Distillery Tour

We really enjoyed the Willett Distillery Tour. This family-owned distillery in the heart of Bourbon Country was one of my favorites.

Willett Distillery Tour:

Tours focus on the family history and the whiskey making process. Samples of Willett whiskies will be tasted throughout the tour. Once we arrived, they handed us each a keepsake glass and this what we tasted from.

What I loved is they gave you an option of two whiskies at each of the stops throughout the tour so you could choose what you wanted to taste.

Come prepared for all weather conditions as the tour travels in and outdoors. You will want to bring a coat if it is chilly or a raincoat depending on the weather. This is an all-walking experience lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes.

They ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to check in. Which is common for all of the distilleries. Also, be sure to bring your government issued photo ID too!

Now after the tour you MUST stop at the The Bar at Willet. We made reservation for lunch and drinks, and it didn’t disappoint! It has a fantastic vibe and even better food and drinks! We shared a variety of 8 plates with each other at our table and they were absolutely delicious. They were even able to accommodate my gluten allergy.

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