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Log Still Distillery Tour

We visited the Log Still Distillery Tour located in Gethsemane which is southern Nelson County, Kentucky. This is a newer distillery with a rich past in distilling.

Log Still Distillery Tour:

This is a modern distillery with a rich history of the Dant family. In addition to the growing distillery there is a 2300-seat Amphitheater which they call “the Amp” a train experience, event venue, multiple places you can spend the night and coming soon a restaurant.  I would definitely call this bourbon destination.

You will see what the Dant cousins (Wally, Lynne and Charles) have done with their family distillery to turn it into the bourbon destination of the future.

We took the Distillery Tour & Tasting. You will visit the distillery, learn about the history and the future plans of this venue and then enjoy a whiskey tasting.

It is convenient to the Abbey of Gethsemani. I had always heard of this monastery but had never seen it. It was beautiful! Even though this is a newer distillery you can learn about the storied past at Log Still Distillery. See how they are making their mark in the distilling business and redefining what a bourbon destination can be.

Your journey will conclude with a tasting of their core products in the tasting room. I was shocked gin is one of their core products however I really enjoyed it. I was disappointed they offer a TN whiskey on their tasting as I am a hard-core KY girl, but the tour was really energetic, and we enjoyed it! Thanks Michael. I give you a 10/10.

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