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How To Make Disney Matching Shirts

How To Make Disney Matching Shirts

Want to know How To Make Disney Matching Shirts. Are you headed to see the mouse for Spring Break with the kids??? If so here is a way to have Disney Matching Shirts and not spend a fortune! Last summer my family headed to the castle for the first time ever and one of the things I wanted was matching shirts for my family of five.  In pictures I wanted us to match, but most importantly in case someone got lost from the group I would know what they are wearing.  Not to mention that it made packing for the trip so much easier!

Disney Matching Shirts

So our trip was scheduled for June 2016 and I started in January getting shirts.  I had earned Kohls’s Cash from Christmas shopping so I went to their website and was able to get Mickey Mouse shirts for the boys, a Minnie shirt for me, Avengers shirts and Star Wars shirts for all of us.  All the shirts were marked down and I paid around $5 a piece, but out of pocket I did not spend much because of the Kohl’s Cash.

How To Make Disney Matching Shirts


For the other shirts, I made them.  I ordered the muscle shirts for the boys and tank tops for me from Walmart online.  I then headed to the website IronOnSticker to customize iron on designs.  Once I received them I used my iron and placed them on the shirts. I did this over a couple of days because I had gotten Stitch transfers, Disney Character transfer and a custom Disney Trip transfer.

How To Make Disney Matching Shirts

It is really easy to do the shirts. I placed a towel over the table, then smoothed out the shirt on top.  Next I put the transfer on top.

How To Make Disney Matching Shirts

Using the iron on cotton setting, I firmly pressed down for 20 seconds and moved around the transfer until all had been heated. Then I ran the iron over the whole image for 30 seconds. Let it cool for 3 minutes then gently pull the transfer paper off. Your shirts are ready to go.

How To Make Disney Matching Shirts

TIP – I washed the shirts before doing the transfers, so that I could then pack them away.  We kept the trip a secret from our children so I did these while they were at school then hid them in my closet until the went in the suitcase. 

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