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How To Make a Spirit Shaker

This Homemade Spirit Shaker is perfect for sports moms!

How To Make a Spirit Shaker. I love this Homemade Spirit Shaker.  Football, Soccer and other sport seasons are in full swing right now for many children. As a Soccer Mom I love to cheer for my son and his teammates. I decided to make a “spirit shaker” to show my support!  It was very simple to make with items I had around the house.

How To Make a Spirit Shaker:

All I needed was 1 empty plastic drink bottle, rice, glitter and some beads. I peeled the label off the drink bottle and made sure the inside was cleaned out and dry. Next, I put some rice, glitter and beads in it. Just enough to fill the bottom rim. Then I put the lid on and gave it a shake. I now carry it to all the games and have even made some for other Moms to use 🙂 Best of all it is a fun way to cheer my son on from the sidelines!

This Homemade Spirit Shaker is perfect for sports moms!


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