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DIY Wine Cork Business Card Holder

DIY Wine Cork Business Card Holder is perfect for Father's Day #DIY

I am in LOVE with this DIY Wine Cork Business Card Holder.  So simple to make and if you have wine corks in your craft stockpile that you don’t know what to do with now you do!  This project takes only 9 corks and superglue!  You can get more affordable than that! If you are a crafty person (or even if you are not) I know you will enjoy this simple gift idea.  I think it would be perfect for Father’s Day or a Christmas gift. I did ask for assistance from my husband splitting cork in half.

DIY Wine Cork Business Card Holder


  • 9 Wine Corks
  • Super Glue or Hot Glue
  • Sharp Knife


  • Split one wine cork in half (carefully) – cut horizontally down the center.
  • Glue together 4 wine corks as the base
  • Glue together 4 wine corks to stand vertically against the base.
  • Using your two split wine corks – attach them to the top of the base to become the “card holder”.

How cute is that!  Simply too!  I am loving this simple DIY Wine Cork Business Card Holder!  You may also enjoy these easy DIY Wine Markers too!

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