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How To Decorate with a Wooden Ladder

DIY Wooden Ladder Home Decor is so easy to make and makes a great statement in your home!

How To Decorate with a Wooden Ladder!  This DIY Wooden Ladder Home Decor is an easy project for your home to display your favorite pictures or knick knacks on. My friend Sheila recently shared this DIY home decor she did with an old wooden ladder.  I asked her if I could share with all of you and she said yes! You can easily pick up antique ladders to use for this project or one you might have at your home.

How To Decorate with a Wooden Ladder:

She said she had a wooden ladder that was broken and was not able to be fixed.  Instead of throwing it away or scraping the wood for firewood she decided to use it in her home.  She took one side apart and removed most metal, if it had rust she used a wool pad and removed as much as she could. Next, she measured the ladder, and measured the space between the steps so she could put in posts on her wall to hold the ladder. It is best to insert your nail or post into a stud in the wall for better strength.

After she hung the ladder, she collected frames from the local Goodwill store and she put old family time pictures of her past loved ones in them and arranged them on the ladder.  She has this hanging in her living room.  So next time you come across an old wooden ladder consider making this DIY Wooden Ladder Home Decor for yourself or a loved one as a gift!

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  1. Man some People amaze me to look at something like this & turn it to something Beautiful….ï watch the channel DIY wonder how they do that .we’ll I’m going try this if I can find a ladder if not what do you do I guess I’ll build one I know its not the same !
    But as I said this is great isn’t it a way you can take a new ladder and make it look distressed? Rather old looking ? Hey maybe I be able to send you pictures to you of mine …well take care thanks for sharing the Pictures you have a very talented eye most of all hands ..

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