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Snow Day Fun – How To Make Ice Marbles

snow day fun - ice marbles

We are here to tell you how to have Snow Day Fun – How To Make Ice Marbles.   Simply take a balloon add a few drops off food coloring then and fill it with water.  Tie the balloon and place outside.  Once it is frozen solid cut the balloon off and it looks like a giant marble!  They make a great decoration for Christmas and New Year Eve parties too!  (You can also try this in your freezer if you live where it doesn’t snow).

If you want to make a ice votive don’t allow the balloon to freeze solid.  Instead remove the balloon and then pour the water out of the center and now you have a gorgeous ice votive instead!  You can place a votive candle inside and light and it would be a gorgeous outdoor decoration!

Thanks to my friend Amy for sharing this image and idea with us.  Amy and Melissa have been friends since they were children and remain friends today.  They have shared many adventures and memories with more to come!

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  1. Hmmmm….we’re are my balloons….want to try this today since its so cold out. Will have to let you know if we are able to do this….

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