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DIY Stuffed Animal Cage

Check out this DIY Stuffed Animal Cage - perfect for keeping all those stuffed animals in one place!

This DIY Stuffed Animal Cage is a perfect idea for those who have children that love stuffed animals. My four year old niece has an obsession with stuffed animals and wants them all. She has so many that there is simply not enough room for them all in her room or the house! So my brother came up with this idea to keep all her stuffed animals in and make her room more tidy.

My brother is great at handy man projects and when his wife showed him a pic, his mind got to thinking. So he came up with an idea and headed to Home Depot (his favorite store by the way). He made this DIY Stuffed Animal Cage in his spare time and I personally think it turned out great!

If you have a child who loves stuffed animals this would be a great way to help them organize them and keep their room clean. Plus it makes for an inexpensive decoration too! I hope you enjoy this as much as my niece does! Of course my sister in law may enjoy it the most.

DIY Stuffed Animal Cage

To start you need to figure out how big you want your Animal Cage to be.

Next get nails, 4 long pieces of wood and 18 small pieces (for sides, bottom and top) and bungee cord or elastic of some sort to hold the animals in.

Using smaller pieces take 4 and make a box, adhere using nails. Then put 3 pieces in center equal length apart to make the base. Repeat this step and put to the side for the top.

Next adhere four long pieces to the base in each corner. Next adhere 4 small pieces around the center of the longer pieces.

Now you can attach the top piece that you have already made. Make sure the structure is firm and steady.

Now you are going to drill holes for the bungee cords. Make sure they are even so you can run a strand from the top to the bottom. Make sure to attach tightly.

Now your  DIY Stuffed Animal Cage is ready. You can stain  or paint if you desire or leave it natural. Regardless of what you decide the best thing is now all of the stuffed animals have a home and they will no longer be spread out all over the place. This is an easy DIY project that anyone can try.

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