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Snowman Popcorn Cups

If you are hosting a winter party or looking for a healthy snack or treat for your kids you are going to LOVE this Snowman Popcorn Cups snack!

Popcorn Snowman Cups - Perfect for Winter Parties

We made this for our kids school party and they loved it.  In fact not only is this a great way to prepare a healthy treat but it is also perfect for portion control.  We used a plastic cups and sharpie markers to draw the design on the cups.  My husband drew each of the faces and then once we were ready to serve we filled the cups with popcorn.

You can use any size cup that you want.  We chose an 9 oz clear plastic punch cup. This was the perfect size for our kids.  We filled the popcorn with a gluten free popcorn. If you need to use store bought snacks for your parties this is a great option.

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