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How To Use Downy Unstoppables in my Wax Burner

How To Use Downy Unstoppables in my Wax Burner

Who knew that you could add Downy Unstoppables or Gain Fireworks to your wax burner.  Much to my delight my house smelled wonderful! The wax burner was lit in the morning and I left my home in the afternoon to pick my children up from school, the wax burner was not lit at this time but had been all morning and when we returned the house smelled so inviting even my boys commented on it 🙂

Downy Unstoppables in my Wax Burner

(UPDATE from Melissa and Shelley) – We would suggest using water with essential oils instead of using chemicals in your wax burner.  If you choose to use an essential oil – which is plant based material and all natural, all you do is fill the dish with water and add a few drops of essential oils – read this post on diffusing essential oils with a tart warmer.

How To Use Downy Unstoppables in my Wax Burner:

Another idea is to add a natural substance like soy based chips or wax chips that do not contain chemicals.  We personally try to remove all toxins and chemicals from our lives so we don’t even burn candles in our homes or use scented products due to allergies and asthma issues with our loved ones.

This is the original post written by Stephanie.  She found this idea on the internet and decided to try it.  If you choose to try it it is your own decision and we are not endorsing it.  Thank  you.  Stockpiling Moms.


How To Use Downy Unstoppables in my Wax Burner

Disclaimer:  We do not endorse placing this product or any product containing chemicals in your wax burner based on the preference of using all natural and chemical free products instead.  If you do so please understand that we have updated the original post and do so at your own discretion.

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  1. I love this !
    I have been telling all my friends .
    Its sooo much cheaper than candles.
    After I light mine a couple of days I chop it up and put it in my wash !

    1. Please do not do this people it’s very dangerous for youre family. Unstoppables are intended for water not heat by heat these up in wax burner or on a hob you are causing a release of toxins and chemicals in the air. Please go to a cpl wax seller preferably Soy Wax specialist for products for these purpose. Stay safe!

      1. You can add the scent beads to a spray bottle with hot water, shake until dissolved && you have homemade fabric refresher. You can do liquid fabric softener & water in a spray bottle as well. I’ve been doing this for years. Also, the Purex crystals can be used in a wax warmer or mixed in a spray bottle..

  2. Love this idea. I tried it in my house and it definitely works.

    For making bad stuff smell good you should try putting dryer sheets in your garbage can or a sweaty gym bag.


    1. I personally don’t burn Scentsy Bars anymore – I do essential oils because they are all natural.

  4. Wow! Found this through pintrest & I love it. My house smells sooo clean;) I just wanted to add that I used a small, clean votive holder on a candle warmer plate instead of a wax burner. I don’t really like to burn anything in my house. I used to use candles ALL the time, until all the soot they create was pointed out to me.

  5. The smell is amazing but i learned first hand that it is dangerous. My son has been struggling with his asthma ever since we started using this. I did not put the two together until yesterday, three weeks after i purchased it. I feel so bad. He has been coughing like crazy, runny nose and eyes. The whole time i thought he was just reacting to the cat again. Parents with young children please consider a different way to freshen your home.

  6. I also tried this with the original scent of gain fireworks. It works but I don’t think my entire house has the smell. The smell seems very mild. Maybe because I use the lamp wax warmer

  7. I tried this a couple of months ago while it did freshen a bit, i felt like i had a problem trying to keep it stirred so i could get more scent and oddly hardened after a bit… im not a fan. Plus the toxins are not something you should breathe in on a regular basis. No Bueno for you body! I will keep my oils

  8. Now I am worried about putting this product in my washing machine with my clothes… why don’t I just throw some scentsy bars in my wash…

    1. @Stacy, did you know Scentsy actually has an amazing LAUNDRY LINE? With our Layers products, you can use the Laundry Liquid to wash, enhance the scent with Washer Whiffs, dry with our Dryer Disks, or use all three but a beautiful layered long-lasting scent!! I use Scentsy Clean for most of my laundry (traditional clean laundry scent) and French Lavender on my sheets and towels. My son uses Quiver on his clothes.

  9. Hello there, I LOVE LOVE Scentsy but it’s so expensive. And I also LOVE Gain so I have to try this. I do want to state that I use the Fireworks product in my laundry and it causes no damage and adds fragrance for weeks. I love to add it to towels and sheets. I’m only stating this since someone said they’re worried about adding it to the wash. I promise it’s perfectly safe for that. I am a tad bit concerned about the heating of the product in the warmer tho…..

  10. As a follow up note, I thought about how hot of water I wash whites in..such as sheets….and really that gets no hotter than my Scentsy pot does. So, I guess I have to think that this is safe to be heated. Going to say Safe and use it!…..Love on my scent loving friends!

  11. I mix a tablespoon of the unstoppables and 1/4 cup of hot white vinegar to make about
    ten dryer sheets. Is this safe?

  12. I wanna try this but don’t have a wax burner do you think boiling/simmer with watar of course in the stove will work?

  13. I keep these in the container (and sometimes a small paper bowl) in my car and put them in the sun when I’m parked at work. Does wonders for I-always-have-kids-and-kid-messes-in-my-car problems (the lost milkshake cup, dirty socks, the dirty daycare bag I SWORE I took out to wash).
    And BTW, the hot plastic in our cars releases toxins, too…as so my kids. ; ) So while ideally I would LOVE to be all hippie-go-lucky mom, it’s just not worth my sanity and scaring my kids for life with crazy mommy right now. I do what I can, but I can’t do it all.

    At least my car smells like I did all of the laundry.

  14. Oh, oh!!!! The WalMart warmers, while no where NEAR as cute as Scentsy warmers, are just under $20 and if you don’t want the “free” Better Homes & Gardens mag sub with it you can request a $6 rebate, so $14 warmers with 3 starter packs…not too bad!!!!

  15. So sad that we have to put disclaimers on everything! It’s an awesome idea! There are probably more chemicals in the food we eat then in those little balls we just are not really aware of what exactly they do to the animals and other food before we eat it. Thanks Stephanie for an awesome idea!

    1. It’s been reported that they give off harmful chemicals that are reacted when heated, I don’t think it’s worth the chance, I would trust the experts

  16. Hi Melissa! Have you ever tried Pink Zebra? Our soy wax “Sprinkles” are not toxic and smell amazing! If you’d like, I could send you some samples so you can compare with what you are using currently.

  17. Thank you for not endorsing this suggestion! The chemicals in those things are absolutely toxic to my family. Fabric softeners are too. Melting beeswax, coconut oil, and a few drops of essential oils or vanilla extract work fabulously in my warmer And cost a whole lot less too. The chemicals in those scented things are just gross. Check out the Environmental Working Group apps SkinDeep and Think Dirty for help finding better alternatives and to see how toxic The products you’re using are

  18. Put some of the Gain scent beads in the water tank…omg! keeps the bathrooms smelling amazing for a few days!

  19. Get a life. If you are honestly afraid to burn candles you have bigger problems. It is a cute idea. If avoiding chemicals is really all you have to concern yourself with, be thankful. Most of us have other things to worry about.

    It is scientifically proven that the more you avoid, especially earlier in life, the more allergy prone you are. It goes along with acquired immunity. Just like children who do not consume sugar are more likely to be insulin resistant as adults, the more you are exposed to the more your body Is able to handle. Candles have been used for thousands of years, as has petroleum. Use is not correlated to illness unless there is a specific genetic allergy.

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