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15 Awesome Gift Basket Ideas

15 Awesome Gift Basket Ideas - Think outside the BOX with creative DIY ideas and stretch your stockpile to help you save!

Check out these 15 Awesome Gift Basket Ideas.  If you are looking for a creative DIY gift idea, we have some ideas for you!  I love to give gift baskets because they are creative and a way for you to gift from your stockpile.  We have a variety of gift basket ideas for you for all occasions!

I love to create unique themed baskets to give during the holidays and for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and housewarming gifts. I personally also love to receive them too! It is also a great way to stretch your stockpile. We have 15 ideas to share with you. Each is a gift basket but there is no basket involved. You can think outside the box when it comes to gift baskets and use alternative items to create the “basket” for gift giving.

15 Awesome Gift Basket Ideas:

Manicure In A Jar

Candy Gift Basket

Cleaning Gift Bucket

The Perfect Teacher’s Gift

Stockpile Gift Idea

Gift Card Flower Bouquet

Father’s Day Gift Cooler

S’mores Gift Basket

Teacher Appreciation Gift 

Thermal Tote Gift Basket

Arts and Crafts Gift Basket

DIY Jamicure In A Jar

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  1. I love all the different themes and special occasions that gift baskets can be given for! Thanks for sharing this list.

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