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Lobster Kid Craft

Lobster Kid Craft is so easy to make a great summer keepsake! #kids #summer #fun #craft

This Lobster Kid Craft is so easy and fun to do with your child or children. I saw this idea and knew my 3 year old son would love to make it. He loves all animals and for vacation we go to the beach every year. So to get ready for going to the beach I did this painting craft with him!

Lobster Kid Craft:

All you need is paper and red tempera paint.

1) Paint the sole of the child’s foot.

2) Place it on the center of the paper and lift up carefully.

3) Wash the bottom of the foot ( I like to use baby wipes).

4) Paint the palms of their hands and place them above the bottom of the foot (see picture above).

5) Next using a paintbrush, paint their legs and connect their claws to the body (see picture above).

6) If desired glue on googly eyes or you can paint/draw them on.

Now you have your very own Lobster!

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