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Why I think everyone should go to Disney World

Why I think everyone should go to Disney World. I have always loved Disney World. As a little girl my parents took me on my first trip in 1976.

I was only 3 years old. I am not sure if that trip created the memory or if the pictures tell the story. Regardless I wanted to share with you why I think it is never too early to start taking your kids to Disney and why I think everyone should go to Walt Disney World.

Now, I am honestly not a fan of taking babies to Disney World. I think it is too hot for them to be able to enjoy and they don’t have the ability to enjoy the attractions. I think the prime first age is 3. Kids are fully potty trained by that age and they really can enjoy the Magic.

Your kids will be able to enjoy the characters, the parades and attractions. Now, traveling with toddlers and little ones is definitely different than traveling with teens.

I would suggest dining indoors and visiting indoor attractions so that your little ones can cool off. Enjoying the pool at your resort is another great idea.

You are going to have to allow for multiple breaks and naptime. Heading back to the hotel everyday or utilizing a stroller is a great idea.

Don’t let having little ones scare you from creating magical memories that will last you a lifetime. These pictures are some of my favorite Disney memories. I love looking back on them and when I do a flood of memories come back to me. Do I actually remember the trip? I am not sure but my love for my parents that took me on this magical adventure will last me a lifetime.

So I hope this inspires you to take a visit to Walt Disney World, regardless of your age. It is a truly magical place!


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