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Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour

Check out the Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour. We just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary and spent the day together.  We started out our day by visiting and taking the Trace Tour.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour

Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour:

First of all, this is the most frugal bourbon tour you will take in the state of Kentucky because it is FREE! Yes, absolutely FREE. They have a variety of tours that you can take. We chose the Trace Tour, but they also have the Expansion Tour, Old Taylor Tour, Bourbon Barrel Tour and the Arboretum & Botanical Gardens Tour. You can learn more by visiting the website.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour

The Trace Tour is an incredible introduction to the history and science of bourbon at Buffalo Trace Distillery. You will walk amidst the path of rolling bourbon barrels. You will be captivated by the alluring smell and atmosphere of bourbon sleeping inside the aging warehouses and enjoy the angel’s share. The tour guides can teach guests of all levels and will bring the story of Buffalo Trace to life.

Buffalo Trace Distillery

The tours are 75 minutes, and all tours are complimentary and include a tasting of some of their award-winning products. We enjoyed 5 alcohol tastings, the most amazing root beer tasting (and I don’t even like root beer and a bourbon ball.  The tasting really helps you identify what product you want to try. I thought it was really nice that they did a root beer and bourbon ball (no worries the alcohol is removed in the candy making process) for the kids who were on our tour too.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour Sampler

This was a fantastic experience and if you live in Kentucky or are driving by, I highly recommend that you schedule a tour or at a minimum a tasting and visit the gift shop.  I would deem this to be one of the top 10 things to do in KY. After our tour we enjoyed lunch at Bourbon on Main in Frankfort.

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