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Tips to Save Money on Your Road Trip

Enjoy these Tips to Save Money on Your Road Trip. My family loves road trips. While we budget for the gas, food/snacks, and other necessities, there are always other costs that pop up. There are many ways that you can save money on your road trip and still have an amazing time.

Tips to Save Money on Your Road Trip

Tips to Save Money on Your Road Trip

Over Plan

If your plan seems a bit over the top than you did it right. When traveling I plan which rest stops we will be stopping at (usually ones that offer play equipment) and which towns to stop in to put gas in.

I also make sure that I have enough for one to two extra tanks of gas. This covers the fluctuating gas prices while you are traveling.  

Over Pack

Have a spot somewhere within arm’s reach that you can put one to two outfits per person just in case. Once the car is packed, it can be difficult to get into someone’s suitcases to get clothes if needed. Anything from the random mud puddle at the rest stop to car sickness someone is bound to need another set of clothes. If you have them within reach you won’t be tempted to buy another set to make it through the rest of the trip.

Make the Extra Stops

There are so many places that you can stop and sight see for free. Leave an hour or two before you originally planned to. This will give you plenty of time to make the random unplanned stops and see things you wouldn’t normally see. Many rest stops have scenic outlooks so take the extra few minutes and check them out.

Other Tips

  • I pack snacks for ourselves and the kid(s), mostly things like granola bars, chips, graham crackers, goldfish. Anything that we don’t have to worry about going bad. I still allow the kid(s) pick something different to snack on about halfway through our trip. Doing this helps the antsy feelings they may be getting.
  • I fill water bottles from home before we leave. During our first stop, I buy a huge bottle of water and fill their cups from that as the trip goes on.
  • Keep a plastic grocery bag near each seat just in case there is a bought of sickness. You can have a few more stored somewhere in the car just in case as well. This will also keep you from having to buy a new set of clothes to get through the rest of the trip.

These simple tips to save money on your road trip are perfect for making sure your travel is easy and fun without going over your budget.  You’ll love having a great road trip without all the worries.

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