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Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet

Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet. Do you have an organized linen closet?  If not, we are here to help you!  This is my mom’s linen closet and first of all let me say I have linen closet envy 🙂

Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet:

It is so large, and I love her wood shelves that are solid!  It makes organizing easier.  I have wire shelves and a small linen closet.  I feel that I can never find anything in my linen closet as a result. This is my dream linen closet for sure!

Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet

She recently reorganized her linen closet and used her label maker to separate and keep things tidy.  She has separated by sheet sizes and categories.  I love how neat it is and how she used the label maker because now there is no question about what size sheets you’re grabbing when you are looking to make up a bed!

Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet

In addition, she keeps them folded neatly so that really helps too! You can see how to fold a fitted sheet to help. She has all of her blankets by size on the bottom shelf, sheets and pillowcases in the middle and other lines on the top shelf.  I wish I had this much room in my closet but even if you don’t have this much room you can easily take her organizational tips to help you.

I would suggest that you keep your sheets organized by shelf.  If you have a variety of bedding sizes this will help keep you organized.  You could put your twin blankets and sheets on one shelf, your queen blankets and sheets on another shelf and your king blankets and sheets on a 3rd shelf. This would be a great way to keep your linens separated.

Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet

Hopefully this will motivate you to organize your linen closet too!  Regardless of the size if you take some time to organize you will be able to find your sheets and blankets when you need them.  Be sure to check out Shelley’s tip to keeping your sheets smelling fresh!  This is a great idea to implement when you are organizing your linen closet!

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  1. When I fold our sheets I fold the fitted/flat sheet and one pillow case and put it inside the other pillow case so when I need to change the bed I just pull out the pillow case and everything is inside.

  2. I also have the folds facing out, and try and fold items in similar sized piles, so when you go to grab an item, you only get what you want. Not the whole stack.

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