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Soccer Senior Mom Son Pictures

I am in love with these Soccer Senior Mom Son Pictures. My son has been playing soccer since he was three years old. Being a soccer mom is part of my identity. So, when we saw the idea of Moms of Fall pictures, we were so excited to create this moment with our seniors.

My son is my greatest joy. I’ve enjoyed every single minute of every single day. When I say that I mean it. His smile has always been like magic, and it still is. It lights up my world.
Washing uniforms at 1 am for the 7th time to get the grass stain out, rehabbing him after an injury, driving him to soccer camps, all of the soccer training and tournaments. I would do it all again.
Being his mom is my favorite thing ever! And when I thought it couldn’t get any better you grew up right before my eyes and became a fine young man.
And so, this chapter is hard on my heart preparing him to go but I know that he is a good man, and he is a good friend. I love him to the moon and back. No matter where he goes, I’ll always be his biggest fan.
And so, I will cherish these Soccer Senior Mom Son Pictures forever.

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