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It is more than laundry

It is more than laundry


It is more than laundry. I’m washing Peyton’s uniform for his last season soccer game.
The reality hits me hard.
I’ve washed it so many times. Each time I pray over it as I wash. I pray for safety when he wears it, and that Peyton uses his God given abilities to his full potential.
Sometimes I wash it multiple times, scrubbing stains to be sure to remove all the grass stains from his slide tackles and hard work on the field.
I could make him launder it but it’s something I enjoy doing for him. I am thankful for every time I wash it. I praise God for the gift to wash it.
And now as we prepare for his final season game the reality that this chapter of our lives is coming to an end is hard on my heart.
I’m thankful for the laundry and I’ll miss it.
It is more than laundry.
Number 17 you had me on day one.


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