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Easy Ways to Afford Healthy Foods

This week in our 52 Weeks to Wellness series we are going to tackle the problem of how expensive it is to eat healthy.  These Easy Ways to Afford Healthy Foods are sure to help keep you on track with your health and weight loss goals.  Money should never be a factor in why you aren’t getting healthier. Unfortunately, it is often the biggest deterrent in weight loss and health.  We want to help you make better choices, so it is more affordable for you to get healthy.

Easy Ways To Afford Healthy Foods

Easy Ways to Afford Healthy Foods

Cook from scratch.  Busy moms often don’t have time to do a lot of cooking, but our freezer meals and Crockpot meals help considerably.  Use some of our simple Weight Watchers recipes for freezer or Crockpot meals and you have healthy alternatives that are more affordable.  Things like cooking dry beans instead of using canned can save you tons of money.

Use more bean and vegetables and less meat.  Stretch things like tacos, quesadillas and casseroles farther by using beans and vegetables instead of or along with meat for a great easy lower cost meal.

Grow your own produce.  A small home garden can save tons of money over the course of a year.  Even growing just lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions can save a ton by providing you with fresh simple salad ingredients at your home at low cost.

Shop sales and buy in bulk. When something goes on sale at a great price, buy a large amount and store for later.  Meat can be portioned, cooked and frozen for future use.  Vegetables and many fruits can be washed, prepped and frozen or canned for future use.  Buying when things are on sale will go a long way toward stretching your budget farther.

Use coupons.  No, there aren’t a lot of coupons out there for healthier options but using them at stores like Whole Foods can help your food budget tremendously. You can also cut household expenses in other areas by using coupons.  Our post on how to stop spending your whole paycheck at Whole Foods has tons of practical tips.

It takes a bit more work on your part, but these easy ways to afford healthy food are sure to help make your weight loss and health goals easier to accomplish.  Set your mind on your goal, and work hard in every area of your life to make it happen.

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