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Concealer Tips and Tricks That Make You Look Younger

Concealer Tips and Tricks That Make You Look Younger

Concealer Tips and Tricks That Make You Look Younger. If you are looking to erase fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and under eye circles, concealer can be your best friend. Concealer is easy to find, easy to apply, and just a little but can make a huge difference. But what if you don’t typically wear concealer? No problem! Learning how is quite simple too, and you will wonder how you ever went without it. Take a look below at 7 concealer tips and tricks that make you look younger and seem to erase signs of time. Here is what you need to know!

Concealer Tips and Tricks That Make You Look Younger

1. Blast away under eye circles. One of the first things that ages us is our eyes. A great way to get rid of under eye bags and circles is to use concealer. Use a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and you will enjoy brighter eyes in the process. For best results apply like in the image above and blend for excellent results.

2. Forget about crow’s feet. Use concealer on the sides of the eyes to help fill in crow’s feet and other unsightly lines. If you have darkness around your eyes from sleep and stress, concealer can also help cover and fill these spots in.

3. Take away the red. Do you have reddened cheeks and nose? If so, concealer can hide the discoloration. Dabbing some concealer in your skin tone on the T-zone can help hide the red and give you a more even skin tone like you had as a teenager.

4. Slim your face. Wouldn’t it be great if you could magically slim your face? With concealer you can! Use concealer in a shade lighter than your natural skin tone to highlight the cheekbones, brow bones, and bridge of your nose. Blend well before applying foundation and see what a difference it makes as it tricks the eye into making your face look slimmer.

5. Lighten up dark spots. Dark spots age us, and a good concealer can help cover these spots and make you look youthful and amazing! Dab some concealer on age and sun spots before applying foundation for a smoother, more even skin tone.

6. Make lips look fuller. Did you know that concealer can make your lips look fuller? It certainly can! Just line the outside of your lips with some concealer and it will give them a more pronounced look. Fill in with lipstick and gloss when done to finish the look.

7. Blast away blemishes. Blemishes can age us, which is why concealer really comes in handy. Dab concealer on any blemishes to help hide them and bring out your other beautiful features instead. This trick is especially helpful when you have acne or acne scars present.

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Are you ready to enjoy a fresher, younger looking face? Then find a concealer that matches your skin tone and skin type (you will select concealer much like you do foundation) and give some of these concealer tips and tricks a try!

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    1. According to the make up artist. Yes, to finish the look you need to complete with either a liquid or powder foundation to blend.

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