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Tips For The Fall Sports Mom On The Go

Tips for the Fall Sports Mom on the go! If you are one these will help you stay sane!

Here are Tips for The Fall Sports Mom on The Go. Being a busy mom of a team player means you are always running when fall arrives and sports schedules are back on your agenda.  These tips for the fall sports mom on the go will help you to stay on top of your schedule while having fun.

Tips for the Fall Sports Mom on the go! If you are one these will help you stay sane!

Tips For the Fall Sports Mom on The Go:

Stay connected.  You have to have a quality connection while running back and forth to drop off and pick up your kids.  Straight Talk Wireless gives you just what you need at an affordable price for any family budget.  Not only can you have a great smart phone on your plan that gives you plenty of room for apps, messaging and phone calls to keep you organized while having fun, you can have a simpler phone available for your kids.  A Straight Talk Wireless phone can easily slide into their gym bag, so they can give you a fast call when it is time for you to pick them up after practice.  With simple $30 or $45 plans that fit into our budget, you can make sure all of your family is connected for far less than your traditional contract plan.  A huge bonus is the fact that you can bring your own phone from a previous carrier and still be connected.  No huge phone investment required when you use what you already have on hand!

Keep the right tools on hand.  As a busy sports mom, you’ll want to make sure your car and/or bag is loaded with everything you need.  This includes things like a simple first aid kit, some high energy and nutrient dense snacks and something to occupy your time while you wait.  I keep a small first aid kit, some trail mix, bottled water, granola bars, beef jerky and a few books or magazines in a tote in the back of the car.  This gets restocked regularly, and keeps something on hand for those, “I’m starving!” moments before or after a game.

Get connected with other sports moms.  If you are going to be dropping off and picking up your kid regularly, you’ll notice other moms on the field or at the pickup lines.  Getting connected with other sports moms will help pass the time and could help you to save your budget.  When you team up with other team moms, you have a chance to carpool, share snacks and simply have a fun time chatting while waiting for your kids.  Your Straight Talk Wireless phone will help you to stay in contact between practices and games, so you’ll always know when and where to meet your new friends.  You can even download great apps that help you sync calendars together, so everyone knows who is picking up and dropping off kids each day!

Get some team spirit.  As a sports mom, you really need to show your love for your kid’s teams.  No matter what the sport is that your child picks this fall, you’ll want to add your team spirit to the mix.  Make sure to grab some school-colored t-shirts, hats and jackets to wear to practices and games.  Hang team flags on your car or add a fun vinyl decal with their team’s name to the back glass of your car.  Show your team spirit to encourage your kids to do their best while on the field or court!

Tips for the Fall Sports Mom on the go! If you are one these will help you stay sane!

These tips for fall sport moms on the go will help you to make the most of this fun fall sports atmosphere this year!

Tips for the Fall Sports Mom on the go! If you are one these will help you stay sane!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Straight Talk Wireless. All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. Connecting with other sports moms is a great idea for mother of kids who play sports because you can save money carpooling. I agree that it’s also important to have a good cell phone to be able to get a hold of your kids quickly and the Straight Talk Wireless smart phone plan sounds like an affordable option.

  2. Straight Talk Wireless looks like a great choice to keep busy families in touch when everyone is on the go. I really appreciate how straightforward and affordable the pricing and plans are. It definitely helps the household budget when you can keep a handle on the cell phone spending!

  3. My kids don’t play sports, but we are super active with other programs and after school activities. I am constantly on the go picking up one child, dropping another off. Loads of times, pick up and drop off times over lap and we totally need to stay connect – the kids and I – so they must have phones with them so they know where I am!

  4. Straight Talk Wireless really does have affordable plans. $30-$45 works for my budget! It is so difficult to keep the kids’ schedules straight and I agree that staying connected sure helps. I will definitely look into this. I sure need it!

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome tips and letting us know about Straight Talk Wireless. I have tried different phone networks but the ones that seem to mesh well with my family and our location is T-Mobile. I agree with you…being connected is sure important!

  6. I’ve heard great things about Smart Talk Wireless and the affordability of their plans. It defiantly is a provider to look into when the time comes for our older children to get their own cell phone. And great phone tips, by the way!

  7. I haven’t joined the ranks of a fall sports mom just yet but these are definitely some really great tips for when the time come…which I’m sure it will 😀

  8. I will have to remember straight talk when my son gets a little older. He is a huge sports player at 8 years old and we are constantly at sports events. We basically live at the fields pretty much the whole year.

  9. Ive used Straight Talk before and I have to say I rather enjoyed their service. I think as a sports mom it’s important to be able to connect with other moms and work out ways to make things easier for you all. It’s tough to be a mom on the go. Being able to connect with other moms about snacks and car pooling is a great way to do things! I also thing Straight talk is a good phone for children to start with! It’s affordable and they do have lower priced phones that will help yeah your child to be responsible! Thank you for sharing.

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