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What is MomME Time

What is MomME Time?

I have decided to continue with this weekly series.  It is so important to keep renewed!  As Moms, I feel it is the one thing we take for granted.  This week I wanted to talk about MomME time.  When I made the decision to stay home with my son five years ago, I really didn’t realize how little time I would have for myself.  It was not an immediate loss of time for me.  My son was a huge napper, so it was not until he turned 4 that I really grieved the time alone.  Up until that time I had 2-3 hours a day to myself that I could take to myself, even if that included getting a shower and doing laundry.

What is MomME Time?

Of course, nap time is not time for us to eat “bon bons” it is a time for us to enjoy the silence.   When my son turned 4 nap time ended just like that.  Overnight he went from a 2–3-hour nap to no nap.  I remember continuing to try to put him down for a nap and eventually just giving up.  The first several months was a major adjustment for us both (many tears for all).  However, in the end what it means is that I still need my MomMe time, and I have to find it in other ways.

One way that I got MomMe time was through Moms Club International.  After my son started school five days a week, I no longer attended Moms Club and still needed MomMe time.  This is when my neighborhood friends and I created our monthly Mom’s Night Outs.  These are great because we either go to a local restaurant or to each other’s house!  We get together monthly, and all really look forward to our “girl time”.

Another way I get MomMe time is when my husband takes my son to Lowes or Home Depot for their FREE workshops.  They get up early and go to breakfast followed by the free workshop and it gives me a couple of hours to myself.

It is really important as a mom to make time for yourself.  Don’t forget to schedule MomMe time in your calendar!  Even if it is going to the grocery store ALONE, taking a class at the local library, taking a bubble bath, scheduling a massage.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it is very important.  As we say at our house.  If Mama isn’t happy then NO one is happy 🙂 Be sure to take time for YOU!


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    1. We need that time alone 🙂 I am enjoying an hour while my dear hubby takes my son to reading night at school 🙂

  1. With 10 children 11 and under I desperately need my MomMe time. Thank goodness for girl’s nights out and a husband who stays in.

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