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Setting Realistic Wellness Goals

This year we are bringing you a great series all about bringing back good physical, mental and financial health. Over the next 52 weeks we plan to focus on all areas of wellness in your life. This week we begin with Setting Realistic Wellness Goals. One of the biggest problems that occurs with those who set resolutions each year is that they get discouraged with lack of progress. This week we are going to give you some simple tips to help you set goals that are doable for you and your family.

Setting Realistic Wellness Goals



  • Focus on strength and endurance versus weight and inches.  If your goal is to get healthier, make realistic goals.  Instead of simply measuring your body in numbers, measure your strength and abilities.  Set a goal to walk farther, be able to job longer or even be able to walk up the flight of stairs without getting winded.  These are healthy goals that are less constrictive.
  • Make gradual changes each week to help them become habits. Rather than dropping things cold turkey, work your way up.  This includes starting slow with exercise, as well as food habits.  Depriving yourself can and will create struggles and needless frustration.  Let yourself adjust to the new changes instead of forcing them upon yourself drastically.  Things like our detox water recipes will help you to get a boost toward your goals this week.
  • Get a physical and suggestions from your physician first.  Even if you feel healthy, it is best to consult with your physician.  Make sure there are no concerns with changing your diet or exercise routine.  Ask about medication and food interactions at this point as well.  Sometimes food changes can also create a problem or interaction with medication.  Grapefruit is highly popular when dieting, but can be bad to eat along with some medications.  Checking before you start is safest.


  • Evaluate your mental and emotional health honestly.  Take some time to reflect on areas that you know you want to improve.  Things like negative attitudes, sensitivity issues or letting emotions make choices are all areas you might want to change or improve.
  • Ask for constructive criticism on areas you need to improve.  Accept that it will hurt, but ask your friends or family to advise you on what areas you may need to focus on.  Sometimes it is best to see ourselves through another persons eyes.
  • Empower yourself with accountability.  This is usually the most important factor in your journey.  The right tools will help make it more successful.  Research books, videos and locate friends that will lovingly hold you accountable for your actions throughout the year.


  • Set realistic goals for the year.  Everyone wants to make huge improvements, but just like any other area of your life it takes time.  Set realistic goals for yourself.  Evaluate your current financial situation and set out some realistic goals that you can manage.  If you have debt, look at not paying it all off, but putting a single balance, or a number in place to work toward.
  • Break those goals down by debt, savings and improvement.  Break down your goals by week, month, quarter and year.  This will help a larger number easier to accomplish.  It breaks things down into small bites that are manageable.

As you work with us this year to change your physical, mental and financial wellness, you will be improving your quality of life on all counts.  Setting realistic wellness goals is imperative to your success.  As we take this journey together, we will give you great tips, advice, personal experience and even some recipes and printables to help spur you farther on your journey.  Take this week to evaluate yourself and set goals that you can manage this year.

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  1. Wow ! love this series as I was looking through your web site. Since I’m getting started in October I hope it will remain on your site. Please let me know if you plan on taking down .

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