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3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Heart Health

3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Heart Health. Since February is heart health month, we are sharing some easy steps to improve your health that anyone can take.  Heart health is important to me and should be to every woman.

We have shared many times in the past about my personal heart health journey, but for those who are still unsure about why heart health is so vital, there are some basic statistics to check out in our post all about women’s heart health.

Don't miss out on these 3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Heart Health this year! Your heart health is vital to overall better health and this makes maintaining much easier!

3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Heart Health

Have a regular physical that includes a heart checkup.  Many women don’t think about their heart health when they go in for a regular annual physical.  They may be concerned about their cycles, birth control needs or even their thyroid if weight gain is an issue, but your heart health is even more important.  If a thorough heart check is not included in your regular physical, ask your doctor specifically to check things out.  Not just a simple listen and lab work, but ask for an EKG.  Even if the results are 100% normal, it is worth it to have this simple procedure done to create a baseline for checking in the future.

Improve your eating and exercise habits.  While there are many genetic heart issues that can be found in women and men, the bulk of heart health problems come from poor health.  Eating healthier foods, losing weight and including regular exercise in your routine are vital to your overall health.  We share a lot of great heart healthy recipes on the blog, and you can also look for tips here on how to save on gym memberships or even working out at home for free.  It may mean giving up your afternoon snack habit, but longer life without complications is worth it.

Be aware of your cholesterol and improve as needed.  When your doctor does your regular lab work, make sure to pay attention to the results.  Check your cholesterol and ask your physician about any indications there, of potential problems. While cholesterol doesn’t always indicate poor heart health, it can impact your heart.  Making sure your cholesterol is at a healthy level is vital to your heart health.  If your cholesterol levels are more than they should be, it is important to work on diet, exercise or even consider daily medication if the first don’t prove effective.  For those with any genetic related heart conditions, medications are often the best choice.  Look at all options prior to making a decision so you know you are doing the best you can for your health.

As you tackle these simple steps to improve your heart health, you may also consider our information shared last year with even more tips for heart health.  Remember to focus on improving your health in all areas for the best possible results.

We hope these 3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Heart Health help you are a loved one.

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