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How to clean bathroom knobs

Want to know how to clean your bathroom knobs? I don’t know about you but nothing grosses me out more than mildewed shower knobs and yet in almost every bathroom we see it happening. If you have grimy bathroom knobs this is a great way to clean them. It just takes a little elbow grease and a screwdriver. If you are selling your house this is a fantastic way to freshen up your bathroom and make it sparkle and shine. With all of the time at home my friend Rebecca finally got to this to-do on her list and now she can shower without being annoyed.

Step One: Remove the cap and take screw out of the knob. You will need to hold knob for first turn or two so you don’t turn the water on (trust her on this – she learned the hard way).

Step Two: Rinse

Step Three: Use an old toothbrush and bathroom cleaner. She chose mold and mildew remover and it worked great.

Step Four: Once it is cleaned to your satisfaction you will rinse well.

Tip: For stubborn knobs use a clorox wipe and toothpick. She only had to do that for one spot.

Step Five: Do the same for the cap.

Step Six: Put the screw back in (she had to line up a notch on the knob handle with the spoke coming out of the shower wall) and then replace the cap and ta-da! Looks like new.

If you are a boy mom I highly recommend this Natural Bathroom Cleaner. It is awesome!

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