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How to prepare for COVID-19

How to prepare for COVID-19? I am not a Dr. but I am a heart patient. As a heart patient I have to take extra precautions when it comes to health and wellness. WHO has declared the outbreak of the new coronavirus as a pandemic. This is the first pandemic since H1N1
In my opinion it is not time to panic in regards to COVID-19 however it time to take precautions. There are the precautions that I take 365 days a year.
How to prepare for COVID-19

How to prepare for COVID-19:

I wash my hands often and use hand sanitizer when I am out in public and can’t wash my hands. I try not to touch my face when I am in public. I avoid all public events during cold and flu season. I do not use public ink pens. I don’t touch the handles to open or close a public door. I don’t grocery shop in the store . I use the Kroger ClickList and when necessary I make a quick trip into Walgreen’s, Save A Lot or Aldi and don’t use a grocery cart. I try to limit my exposure by shopping at off times during the day when the crowd is less.
Every day when I pick up my son from school I ask of him to go inside and take a shower and change his clothes. Those clothes go straight into the washer. We take Elderberry syrup and use essential oils every single day.
What does this mean for me? More laundry, often times saying “no” to a friend who wants to meet for lunch, missing church and indoor ballgames during flu/sick season.
Because my health is important to me and if I acquire the flu or other virus that others may be able to survive, I may not. I don’t live in fear but I take extra precautions.
So what do I ask of you?
Take it seriously. This isn’t a joke. It is better to be safe than sorry and while you might be healthy, you have no idea what battles others are fighting. If you don’t take precautions then you might be the person who infects someone who is at higher risk.
So do I complain when school is cancelled? No, in fact I say thank you to the Superintendent for making a tough call. Do I complain when my daughter is sent home from college and ask for a refund of unused money from her term bill? No, I say thank you to the President of the University for making a tough call. Do I  complain when my son’s soccer club suspends the season? No, I say thank you to the leaders of the organizations who make tough calls.
How to prepare for COVID-19
As you know I am an avid traveler and I have personally made the decision not to travel via air, ship or internationally until we see what is going to happen next. That was not an easy decision to make but also the smartest choice for me. I want to be here for as long as God has in store for me and by being smart about limiting my exposure to any virus that is the best course of action. It is time to take social distancing seriously. 
I have been a heart patient for 36 years and this is just the way I live. Am I upset over the cards that God dealt me? No, in fact I say thank you because it makes me the strong woman I am today. Sometimes in life we make plans and often times those plans change because plans are not set in stone. When life happens we adjust and move on. This is one of those times.
How to prepare for COVID-19
The stockpilier in me started working on a stockpile several months ago. I just started picking up additional items when I found them on sale.  I have had several people reach out to me and want to know what items I recommend stockpiling. I thought I would share a list with you.
How to prepare for COVID-19
What should you stockpile?
Toilet Paper
Bottled Water
Canned Goods
Frozen Foods
Peanut Butter
Shelf Stable Foods
Personal Hygiene Products
Clorox Wipes
Antibacterial Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Rubbing Alcohol
Housholder Cleaner
Over the Counter Medications
Pet Food
How much should you stockpile?
You should stockpile enough for your family to live on until the sale cycle repeats which is normally every six weeks. I personally keep a 3 month supply of all of our basic needs on hand at all times.
Why should you stockpile?
To save money! If you stockpile your groceries by strategically using coupons, you will never pay full price or retail for your groceries. If you stockpile successfully you will save hundreds every month = thousands a year!
So there you have it. This is a heart patient’s take on how to prepare for COVID-19. I hope it helps someone. It is not meant to scare you but it is meant to teach you a little grace goes a long way and that you need to think of others when it comes to preparing for and understanding why we are cancelling events. Stockpiling does not mean we clear a shelf or that we hoard. It is not time to panic. It is time to take precautions and use social distancing.
I would also snag a The Restroom Kit which offers superior protection from germs and bacteria in the one place we cannot avoid them— the public restroom setting. So if you have to go to the public restroom this is a great product to have in addition to a face mask of course. 
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  1. Thanks my dear friend! The most important thing to stockpile is grace and patience! Yes, the items are in short supply…I personally had to buy extra items as they are locking down my inlaws’ assisted living facility, but I bought what they needed for 3-4 weeks only. Let’s not panic-stay as clean and healthy as you can, phone people who live alone, and enjoy this unexpected time at home with your families! God Bless!

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