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Normalize Gifting Thrifted Items

Now, more than ever we need to save money. It is time to normalize gifting thrifted items. It is not only sustainable but also a great way to help reduce your gift giving budget.

Normalize Gifting Thrifted Items:

Shop all year long! I yard sale and thrift all year long for my booth. A couple of months into stockpiling items for future seasons I had the thought hit me. Why am I not thrifting gifts for my friends and family too. My bestie and I love to thrift together. We have thrifted items and given them to each other for years. I thought why am I not thrifting for more people on my gift giving list?

And so, I started. I thrifted items for my dad because he loves old books and coins. Then I expanded to gift items for my mom. Finally, I found some clothing for my husband and son that was still new with the tag at the thrift store that they loved!

That is when I decided to thrift all of my gifts this year for Christmas. I can’t share with you what I purchased but I am excited to gift these this year!

My Aunt Ida always gifted pre-loved items and they were some of the best gifts I ever received. Secondhand gifts are a way to make sure that everyone gets a thoughtful gift without overspending and putting yourself in a financial hardship.

Buying thrifted gifts is good for the environment. It is reducing waste and saving an item from the landfill. It is a great way to support local business as the money goes straight into the pocket of the shop/booth owner. Don’t be afraid to start gifting thrifted items. You can start by picking up baskets or other containers to put gifts in. Glass vases, dishes, candles, clothing, books, jewelry…the list goes on and on.

Some of the places I suggest looking for items include Flea Markets, Vendor Malls, Garage and Yard Sales, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and antique stores. Be sure to check out my secondhand booth on Instagram and Facebook.

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