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10 Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are 10 Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas for this Christmas season!  I know how are it can be to think of the perfect thing to get everyone.  I struggle sometimes with what to give my son’s teachers.  Especially my oldest who is in high school and has multiple teachers.  Last year they really appreciated the gift cards I gave them with a homemade jar of sugar scrub.  Check out my gift giving ideas below.

10 Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas to help you for this gift giving season!


10 Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas

1) Gift Certificate to the local Teacher Supplies store.  If you do not know the local teacher store call and ask the school they should be able to point you in the right direction.

2) Package of dry erase markers.  Teachers go through so many dry erase markers each year and most of the time they pay for them out of their own money.

3) Crayons and more crayons!  Teachers love having supplies of crayons for the classroom.

4) Pencils and more pencils!  Just like the dry erase markers and crayons they need a LOT of pencils.

5) Gift Cards – This is a good one because everyone loves spending a gift card.  You can get a $5 one for Starbucks for someone to have a drink or get one to the teachers favorite restaurant.

6) Large bottle of hand sanitizer.  During the cold season teachers love to have this on their desk for the kids and them to use.

7) Spirit Wear – Get a shirt with the school logo and the teachers name on it.

8) Homemade Gifts such as a knitted scarf, sugar scrub, candles or a box of homemade cookies.

9) Gas Card

10) Homemade Card and note from your child.  This is one that they will love very much!  I have my children do this along with an item from above.


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