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Gift Card Christmas Wreath

This Gift Card Christmas Wreath is the perfect gift idea! Don’t forget your children’s teachers this holiday season!  This is a great time to show your appreciate.  You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to coming up with a gift to show your appreciation.

Gift Card Christmas Wreath

As a former teacher of 11 years who recently just came out of “retirement” to substitute teach. I KNOW first hand how hard teachers work and that really appreciate small gifts of kindness.

While I was subbing last week my friend Dawn, who is a room Mom at the school helped coordinate this amazing gift for the teacher I was subbing for.  I know she is going to be thrilled when she receives it.  Dawn asked each parent to send in a gift card to attach to the wreath if they wanted to participate.  They ended up collecting a total of 7 gift cards.  I know that the teacher is going to be so excited and blessed by this gift.  A group gift is a great way to “pool” your money together and provide a more expensive gift than what one family can provide.

Remember it’s not about how much you spend…teachers really just want to know they impact your child and you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

We have some great DIY ideas for you! Here are 10 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas that any teacher would love to get from a student. Most of them are DIY and you may already have the supplies laying around your home. Be sure to give a big shout out and thanks to your children’s teachers this week for all that they do!

10 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

I’m Doing Flips for You Teacher Gift

The Perfect Teacher’s Gift

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

DIY Mini Teacher Survival Kit

Teacher Gift Idea – Thanks for Helping Me Grow

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Bath Gift Basket

Manicure In A Jar

Gift Card Flower Bouquet – also a great group gift

S’mores Gift Basket

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