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Gift Basket Idea for an At Home Spa Day

It’s time to start thinking about making a great gift basket for your friends, family, or the teachers in your life.  This Gift Basket Idea for an At Home Spa Day is just what you need to make a beautiful basket that is ideal for gifting.  It gives you a little bit of elegance, a nice amount of homemade shabby chic, and of course, the indulgence you want your friends to have.

Check out our favorite tips for an At Home Spa Day Gift Basket! This is perfect for upcoming holidays, and makes gifting easier than ever!

Gift Basket Idea for an At Home Spa Day

I always recommend starting out when making an at home spa day gift basket by making sure you know your receiver well.  These are perfect gifts, but if someone has an allergy to a scent or product, it won’t work so well.  So, make a point of asking questions indirectly to determine if the suggestions are safe to receive.

Choose a functional basket: One of my biggest frustrations with gift baskets in the past has been that they often include baskets that just are either ugly or serve no purpose.  For me, a good functional basket is a must.  I prefer one that has nice sturdy handles, and always prefer a woven one that has a unique and attractive design.

Perhaps you want to include a fuzzy bathroom along with your spa products?  This is a large seagrass basket is a perfect option for gifting.  If you are planning a smaller gift, perhaps a woven basket with cloth lining is a better option since it will fit easily under a counter.

Add some indulgence: I am always a fan of beautiful quality products, so Lemongrass Spa is a must in any home spa day gift basket that I make.  There are tons of amazing products to choose from, and you can feel good about this little indulgence since it is quality.

Choose from classic holiday scented lotions and body icing in Candy Cane Wishes, or the delightful Cranberry Body Polish. Alternately, you can pick up a classic scent like our Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap, or a simple Hydrating Facial Mist.  The options are endless, and all of them are natural products you can feel great about gifting.

Include something homemade: Every gift basket idea should include a homemade item.  An at home spa day is a perfect way to include your own special spin with a homemade gift.  We have some great ideas that help add personality while also fitting the idea behind the basket.

Personalize with a unique item to them: As mentioned before, you need to make sure that there are no allergies when loading up your gift basket with goodies.  You also want to consider things your friend or family member will enjoy.

  • If they like wine, a glass and bottle of wine would be a great addition to the basket.
  • Perhaps they love to read?  Add in a best seller, journal, or devotional study.
  • Are they a home chef? Add a favorite cookbook to the basket.
  • Makeup, perfume, jewelry, and nail polish are other great additions.

As you can see, an at home spa day gift basket is easy to throw together and personalize for those on your list this year.  Just pick a few items you love, and arrange them to create a gift they will use and enjoy!

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