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Grinch Christmas Ornament

These Grinch Christmas Ornaments were our favors that we gave to each child and they were a HUGE success.  The kids flipped when we handed them out. We hosted a How the Grinch Stole Christmas party for Peyton’s class room party. It was so much fun and the kids LOVED the theme!

How to make a Grinch Christmas Ornament

My husband drew the faces on the ornaments.  After they were completely dried I packaged them up in tissue paper and wrapped them in a pretty cellophane gift bag.  We did show one to the children but had them keep them packaged for protection and told them it was breakable so hopefully they made the home without problem.

To create the Grinch Ornament my husband drew by hand the faces using a fine line paint pen set.  They are idea for wood, plastic, metal and glass and worked perfectly.     I  added a ribbon to each so they would be ready to hang when the children got home.  I hope it is a memory that they will keep forever to remember their Grinch Party.  I added Peyton’s teachers name and year to the back of his ornament.

Helpful tip – Allow each color to dry thoroughly before moving onto the next.  Sharpie markers don’t work for this project.

Grinch Christmas Ornament

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