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4 Fun Sweet Projects for Kids

4 Fun Sweet Projects for Kids!

We are in love with these 4 Fun Sweet Projects for Kids!  If you are looking for summer fun projects or a rainy day craft then we have you covered!  Not only will your kids have fun but so will you as you create memories that will last a lifetime!

We love hands on crafts at our house and best of all each of these use SUGAR in the projects!  Two are edible and they are all loads of FUN! You are going to love to make these fun projects with your kids and enjoy the time spent together.

Fun Sweet Projects for Kids:

Each of these are lots of fun. The Edible Finger Paint and Dough Recipes were not only fun but I didn’t have to worry about the kids “eating” as they played. The tie-dye t-shirt was so much fun to create and wear. This hands down has been one of the favorite crafts my son ever did. We love the memories and the Easter Egg makes for a really cute project and decoration. We hope you enjoy these crafts as much as we did.


Edible Finger Paint

Edible Finger Paint

Sugar String Eggs and Baskets

Sugar String Eggs and Baskets

How to Tie Dye with Sugar

How to Tie Dye With Sugar

Edible Play Dough Recipe - made with only 3 ingredients this non toxic treat is also gluten free!


Edible Play Dough Recipe


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