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10 DIY Sugar Scrubs You Can Make For Christmas Gifts

10 DIY Sugar Scrubs You Can Make For Christmas Gifts this holiday season!

Here are 10 DIY Sugar Scrubs you can make for Christmas gifts this holiday season!  They are easy to make and you only need a handful of ingredients and items to make them.  People love homemade gifts and these Sugar Scrubs are perfect for moms. aunts, grandmas, babysitters and teachers.  The list could go on and on who you could make them for.  Be sure to make one for the special people in your life.

Best of all everyone loves to receive them. I always get so many thank you notes when I gift these. They make great gifts for Mother’s Day and Birthdays too. These scrubs are great for softening skin naturally.  I like finding unique containers to gift them in. Mason jars are a perfect to use!

10 DIY Sugar Scrubs You Can Make For Gifts:

Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub

Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Foot Scrub

Brown Sugar Hand Scrub

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Lip Sugar Scrub

Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub 

Pumpkin Sugar Body Scrub

Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

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  1. Love these DIY ideas for both Christmas gifts and just for yourself. What’s great about a lot of these DIY beauty “recipes” is they use many of the same ingredients.

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