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Rustic Cupcake Stand

This Rustic Cupcake Stand is the best do it yourself idea I have seen in a long time! I attended our friend’s graduation party and one of the dads made this! I was so impressed!

Rustic Cupcake Stand:

I asked him how he made it, and he told me it was so easy. He went out to his property and used a tree that had fallen and cut four “slices” of wood that were the same thickness. Then he cut three branches into pieces to make the tiers in between the slices. He used screws to hold each later together and that was it! He said you could have sanded the wood slices some but saw no reason to since this was a rustic outdoor party, and they were using it to serve cupcakes.

This could be used for any party! I absolutely loved it, and the price couldn’t be beat! It cost him nothing to make because he had the saw, tree and screws on hand!

If you have a handy hubby, then ask him to make this for you! Or maybe you feel comfortable using a power tool and can do it yourself! Either way, you can’t go wrong!

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