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DIY Game Day Snack Box

This DIY Game Day Snack Box is the perfect favor for your next sports themed party or game day!

Snacks and football games go hand in hand, don’t they? This football season, why not give this simple and inexpensive Game Day themed craft a try? This DIY Game Day Snack Box is perfect for filling with favors and treats for any guests that show up for the big game! If you are hosting a super bowl party or children’s themed sports birthday party they would be perfect!  They only require a handful of supplies to craft them, and you can whip them up in minutes. They will be the perfect touch to your Bowl Game festivities, so take a look below at how to make your own.

DIY Game Day Snack Box:

Supplies needed

Cardboard tubes (paper towel or toilet paper rolls are perfect)
Assorted football themed scrapbook paper
White scrap paper
Brown ribbon
Hot glue, glue gun
Small assorted treats

We were able to find a wide assortment of football themed paper at our local craft store for less than .50 cents per sheet. Grab several patterns so you have different contrasts to work with.


1. Begin by cutting your cardboard roll down to a 4 inch or so length. If using a toilet paper roll it is already the perfect size, if using a cardboard paper towel roll you will want to cut it in half.
2. Wrap the roll in a piece of scrapbook paper. Cut the paper to fit. Secure it to the roll with glue.
3. At one end of the roll, you want to fold the edges in towards each other. Fold one end down over the other and secure it with glue. This will seal the end of the roll shut.
4. You can now add the treats of your choice. We added some fun and tasty caramel corn!
5. Fold the opposite ends inward and secure them closed as described in step 3.
6. Cut a two inch strip of a contrasting piece of scrapbook paper. Wrap it around the tube and secure with glue.
7. Cut a length of brown ribbon. Wrap it around the tube layering it on top of the previous scrapbook strip.
8. Using your white scrap paper, cut out a few simple lines to adhere to the ribbon, giving it a football thread look.

That’s it! How cute would a handful of these treat boxes look arranged in a basket for your guests? Give this easy Game Day Snack Box craft a try, it is sure to be a hit!

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