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How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake

How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake as a baby shower gift!

Are you looking to make something special for a baby shower? Then use our How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake and make the perfect gift. Making a diaper cake for a baby shower or sprinkle is super easy and makes a nice gift or centerpiece for the party. I love to make these to give the parents to be because as a mom of three boys I know how many diapers they will go through.

How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Start by purchasing the colors and styles of the required items that you think the expectant mom would like. The following list has exactly what is needed to complete the motorcycle:

  • At least 34 diapers (newborn or early stage)
  • 2 receiving blankets
  • 2 bibs, a chain linked toy (appropriate for a newborn or infant)
  • 1 pair of infant socks
  • 1 baby bottle
  • 1 washcloth

Next you will create the Motorcycle Tires. You will need a round cake pan to assist with this step. Line the cake pan with folded diapers. Start by lining one side and stacking the diapers on their side so they sit upright, but placed horizontally. As you build up one wall side, migrate to the other side of the pan and build up that area. Continue lining the sides of the pan with folded diapers. Keep creating the swirl shape.  Contain the diapers in the pan. Wrap one of the rubber bands or soft elastic loops around the perimeter of the diapers.Lift the diaper “tire” from the pan and carefully place on a hard surface. You may want to ask a friend to help with this because if a single diaper slips from the band, you’ll have to start the process all over again!

Create another diaper tire. Do this inside the pan the same way you designed the first swirl. Add the rubber band around the diapers, then gingerly lift the tire from the pan and set next to the first diaper tire.Wrap each diaper tire with the decorative ribbon. Cover the rubber band or elastic loop with the ribbon. This improves the look and helps to give the impression of a tire. Pin the ribbon in place, leaving the pin at the bottom of the tire so it doesn’t show.

Now we are going to add the blankets. Fold the first receiving blanket in half, length-wise. If necessary, iron the blanket to remove wrinkles. Roll the blanket into a very tight roll. The roll must be tight enough to fit in the middle of the diaper tire hole. Pin the blanket roll in place. Slide the rolled blanket through the diaper tire hole. Match the ends so the blanket is hanging out half and half. The roll must remain in place, so pin each end of the blanket if necessary.

Stand the diaper tire on its side (so it now looks like a tire). Join the blanket from the first diaper tire to the second tire. Align the tires next to each other so they form the base of the motorcycle.Tuck the end of the blanket into the hole of the second diaper tire. Pull gently so the blanket easily holds the two tires in place. Add a pin on the ends of the blanket to ensure the blanket stays in place inside the tires.Fold the second blanket in half length-wise. Then roll the blanket the same way you rolled the first blanket. Place the blanket into the opening of the front tire. Slide the blanket completely through the hole until both blanket ends meet.

Pin the bib to the top of the front diaper tire. Keep the graphic or child’s name visible and facing outward. Hold the ends of the front diaper tire blanket upward. Slide the ring toy through the top so they hold the two blanket ends. Slide the toy until it is almost all the way down to the diaper tire. Insert the baby bottle above the bib and underneath the ring toy. Check that it fits snugly. Create more definition and strength in the handlebars. Slide a small piece of rolled-up light cardboard inside each handlebar roll.Stuff the baby socks with a small amount of tissue paper to puff up the garment.Top the handlebars with one sock on each side. Try to pin in place if they don’t hold naturally.Add the second bib to the back diaper tire the same way you added the first bib to the front.

How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake

You can also use a blanket in place of the bibs, as seen in the photos above. 

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  1. Thank you for posting a tutorial on this. But you’re tutorial does not mention a third tire until it says to connect everything together. Also, what are the wash clothes for? I am not usually a crafter, so I don’t have things like tissue and cardboard and pins on hand, so listing those things in your ingredient list might be helpful for someone else in the future as well. I feel like they turned out super cute, but the tires seem a little flat becuase we had to divide the 36 diapers we had into 3 instead of 2.

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