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How to make Snow Paint

Snow Paint

How to make Snow Paint. We love to make snow paint!  It is a really frugal and fun activity on a snow day!  Just save some of your empty condiment containers and save them for the first good snow day!  Snow Paint is simple to make, and your kids can get really creative with their snow day fun!  I like to use natural food coloring because it is good for the environment, but any will do. We have even used beet juice and grape juice before.

How to make Snow Paint:


Plastic Squeeze bottles (save empty condiment bottles)
Food Coloring


Fill the bottles with water
Add one drop of food coloring to each bottle and shake until you reach your desired shade
Dress warmly and hit the snow!
Squeeze the color water into the snow to write and draw.

By using natural food coloring, you will be sure not to harm the environment.  You can also place this in a spray bottle too!

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