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Earth Day Projects Buggy Birdfeeder

Earth Day Projects - Buggy Birdfeeder

I love this Earth Day Projects Buggy Birdfeeder. This is an awesome Earth Day project idea from Lowes.  You can make these super-easy bumblebee and ladybug birdfeeders.  This is a one-day project with little cost.  You are actually recycling!  What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a craft project that the whole family can use!  This project cost next to nothing and helps Mother Earth!

Earth Day Projects Buggy Birdfeeder

Just use some empty paint cans and screen to create this super cute project.

You may want to check out our post on How to Dispose of Old Paint when recycling your cans.

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  1. This is a really cute idea for kids of all ages to do and you are recycling also which is great! My husband and I will be making both of these for our backyard.

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