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Ways To Save On Beauty Supplies

Budgeting your money is a tough job. Especially when you like nice things. These Ways to Save on Beauty Supplies are just one way I like to save money while still feeling like I can get the products I love. There is zero shame in enjoying specific brands of products. However, you may want to find ways like these to save a bit of money in the process.

These Ways to Save on Beauty Expenses are just one way I like to save money while still feeling like I can get the products I love.

Ways to Save on Beauty Expenses

Looking beautiful and taking care of your skin is a big part of making sure you feel well emotionally. Makeup and beauty treatments are not a must to feel beautiful. However, they are a great addition to your routine and can make you feel amazing. For some women, wearing makeup is a daily thing that they enjoy. For others, there is no makeup but they do enjoy a spa treatment. Below are some great ways to save on beauty expenses!

Make your own products

The easiest way to save money on beauty expenses is for you to make your own! While there are some industrious women out there who can create their own makeup, this is mostly for those spa treatment items. Things like homemade body wash, shampoo, body scrubs, and lotions are a fun way to make your own products.

Coconut oil, Epsom salts, essential oils, and shea butter are all common products used to create your own at home beauty treatments. Below are some of our own favorite DIY beauty product recipes.

Join as an affiliate for the brand

If you are a fan of some popular brands, you can join as a distributor or an affiliate to get your products at a discount. Common beauty companies are Avon, Mary Kay, Younique, and BeautyBox. Most of these have small requirements for sales quotas to maintain your distributor status. Being a direct sales affiliate may have requirements, but can be very beneficial in savings if you are brand loyal.

Shop using coupons and rewards

We have always been a big fan of using coupons on products you love buying already. Drug stores like Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and CVS often have amazing sales on makeup and beauty products. Use the store rewards programs, printable coupons, in-store coupons, and other promotions to save more money on your beauty products. You can earn bonus points at some places that allow you to then pay for your makeup using the rewards so you have little to no out of pocket cost.

Another great way to save is to contact the individual brands you love and ask for coupons for the products. While not all brands send out coupons in the mail, there are many who will reply with a discounted offer.

Sign up for birthday clubs

Many brands have special promotions for free products on your birthday. Sephora, Ulta, Clinique, and other popular brands and stores often offer a special gift when you sign up with their email promotions or birthday club. Whether it is a completely free product or a percentage off a purchase, this is a great way to try new products or get your favorites at a fraction of the cost.

Sample before you buy full sized products

Many stores and brands offer in-store makeover options. Some stores like Sephora, also have sample products to test in store. Before investing in a new color or product, request a sample. While this isn’t possible with all brands, many options are available to use a smaller amount before buying the full-priced product. Avon, Mary Kay, and similar direct sales brands often have sample options available. Simply ask your representative for a sample to make your choice easier.

Additionally, there are many brands who allow you to get a refund if you are not satisfied with a product after trying it for a time. Read labels, and ask questions before making purchases to make sure you know each individual brand and store policy.

Check out beauty box subscriptions

One of my favorite ways to try out new products without paying full price is to use monthly subscription boxes. My favorite brands are Ipsy, BirchBox, Play! by Sephora, Scentbird, Lip Monthly, and Julep. All of these brands send a monthly box with fun products for you to try at a fraction of the price you would pay in store. Sometimes they offer full-sized products. Other times it is just a bag of samples. Regardless, it’s a great way to test without a high price up front.

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