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Our Hot Tub is a Cold Tub

Our Hot Tub is a Cold Tub

Our Hot Tub is a Cold Tub. Swimming in the hot tub? A family tradition at our house. Every May my husband drains the hot tub and polishes it and then when he refills it, he turns down the temperature to 90 degrees and it becomes the “cold tub”.

Our Hot Tub is a Cold Tub:

My son and all of his friends enjoy “swimming” in it all summer long. They decided to add a float and water guns and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of it.

After their “swim” I made chocolate chip cookies for them. They had a blast, and it is memory that will last forever, I am sure. They talk about our “cold tub” all winter long.  It is a great way to get a better use out of the hot tub too plus no baby pools! So be a memory making mom! This is something my son and his buddies will always remember.

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