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8 Uses for Lemons You Must Try Now

Look below at 8 uses for lemons you must try now, and see what you can do the next time life gives you…lemons! Lemons are lovely to look at, lovely to smell, and can work wonders around your home and garden. If you find yourself with a bag of these beauties on hand, you should know that there are so many ways you can use them. 

8 Uses for Lemons You Must Try Now

8 Uses for Lemons You Must Try Now

1. Get faucets shiny – One of the easiest cleaning hacks out there involves lemons. Simply cut a lemon in half and use the fruit end to clean faucets. Simply scrub the fruit along the metal and watch grime melt away. Your kitchen or bathroom will smell great, and you get a shiny, chemical free clean.

2. Remove smell from drains and disposals – Over time, food and debris can cause drains to stink. Banish that smell with the help of lemons. Simply cut a lemon into quarters and drop it into your kitchen sink. Turn on the disposal and let the warm water run. If you are cleaning a bathroom sink, simply squeeze the lemon juice down the drain and it will do the rest.

3. Whiten your nails. Did you ever use lemons to lighten your hair? It can do the same for your nails. For whiter nail tips, simply dig your nails into the fruit a freshly cut lemon. Hold your nails there for a few minutes. Your nails will look brighter and whiter!

4. Get your toilets sparkling. Are your toilets looking dull? Try adding some lemon juice and baking soda. Add the mixture and scrub as you normally would. The lemon juice will cut through grime and leave the bowl sparkling clean.

5. Keep produce from turning brown. This is an oldie but a goodie! Spray your freshly cut produce such as avocado and apples with a little lemon juice. It won’t alter the flavor and will keep the produce from turning brown and becoming unsightly too quick.

6. Give your garden a boost. Save those lemon peels! You can throw them into your garden where they will help feed the soil and plants. Lemons are great for composting, so if you come across a rotten one in the fridge or have leftover peels, don’t toss them. Compost them.

7. Put the WHOLE lemon to use. Don’t be afraid to use the whole lemon inside and out. You can save seeds for planting later, which is a fun science activity for kids. You can use the leftover peels for lemon zest and in salad dressing recipes. Lemon juice can be used to infuse water and beverages. Keep these tips in mind and you can make use of the whole lemon letting nothing go to waste!

8. Use them in home decor. Lemons are bright in color and smell great, so use them in your home decor! Lemons make excellent bowl fillers, can be added to centerpieces, and the slices can be used to garnish plates and desserts.

Are you ready to liven up your life with lemons? Give these 8 uses for lemons a try and see how beneficial they can be to your home, garden, and health. They are an affordable solution to so many household needs.

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