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How to Teach Compassion

If your teen has the gift of empathy, caring for others, but you’re concerned for the safety of your child, there are precautions and boundaries that you can set up to ensure their safety. We are sharing tips for how to teach compassion to teens. Your child’s compassion for others is a testament to your loving and selfless guidance as a parent, and it needs to be encouraged.

Don’t put a stop to it if they enjoy helping others, because you’re concerned for their safety. There are several things that your child can do that are compassionate, that will not put them in danger.

How to Teach Compassion:

Always take a friend

Make sure your teen never walks up to a homeless person, or person in obvious need by themselves. Having a friend will decrease the chances of anything happening to your child exponentially. Even with a friend, if there is no one else around, your teen should not approach an adult in need.

Parent Involvement

If you want to continue to support and encourage your child’s heart for caring for people, you might have to get your hands dirty too. You might discover that helping people will give you a greater sense of purpose in the process also. Your teen might enjoy seeing their parents helping them with something that they find important.

Other Role-models around

Places like a soup kitchen or homeless shelter are great places for your child to work with the needy. There are always other great role-models around that can encourage them, and ensure the safety and interests of your teenager.

Families around

Help your teenager understand the importance of having an audience of families and people around that are witnessing what your teen is doing. This way your child’s safety is being monitored and others might be encouraged to acts of kindness, just by watching your son or daughter being kind to others.

Missions Trip

Ask your teenager about whether a summer missions trip is something they would enjoy. A missions trip to less fortunate places in the world might spark your teenager’s interests, and open up your child’s eyes for other ways of helping people. The workers and helpers that go on these trips have the same heart your child does and will look out for your child the entire time.

Compassionate International

Compassionate International is an organization that helps pay for medical expenses, living areas, and food for children that are suffering in the poorest places of the world. Your child could put a small amount of money aside each month to help a child grow up and break free from the bondage of poverty.

These are just a few ways that you can set up boundaries to ensure a safe, compassionate environment for your child. Which ones did you find most helpful? What other ways can you set up boundaries to keep your teenager safe?

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