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How to fold a fitted sheet

How to fold a fitted sheet. Do you have a linen closet that is a mess? It is overwhelming when changing sheets or company comes to visit if you do! We have a simple solution for you, and it is as easy as folding your fitted sheets? What? Yes, it is that easy!

Keeping your linen closet organized is simple if you know how to fold your fitted sheets.  This is something my mom taught me how to do.  We have been folding our fitted sheets since we got married and it is a huge time saver for us.

This is always a team effort at your house.  Trust us it takes a little bit of team effort but in the end, you will be happy you used this technique to fold your fitted sheets.  It really pays off when you are organizing your linen closet!

How to fold a fitted sheet:

Step One:  Take your fitted sheet and match the corners lengthwise taking your fingers and matching the corners together.

Step Two:  After you match the corners then it will be easy to form a rectangle making it easier to fold.

Step Three:  Fold in half

Step Four:  Then fold in half and then again.

After you have folded your fitted sheets check out how my mom keeps her Linen Closet Organized. Another tip is to neatly fold the fitted and the flat sheet, and 1 pillowcase then tuck inside the other pillowcase.  Then you fold the opening of the pillowcase over and put it neatly into the linen closet.  This works really well if you don’t have a large linen closet.

Shelley organizes her linen closet like this, and it works really well for her.  The kids can easily identify their sheets and can assist in making their beds.  She just tells them to go and grab their new sheets and they assist her in taking the old sheets off the bed and making up the clean bed with new sheets.

You can also check out Shelley’s Mom tip on how to keep your sheets smelling freshWe love our moms and their tips!!  We thought this was something everyone could benefit from so we decided to share!

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