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How To Help Pay For Kids Fall Sports Supplies

It isn't cheap for your kids to play sports. Here are some ways to help pay for kids fall sports supplies.

Your kids have been picked for their favorite team, but now you have to figure out how on earth to pay for all the supplies they need! Even pee wee sports leagues will have some supply costs involved. From uniforms, to supplies to money for away games and even special event pep rallies, you’ll find your budget being drained left and right. Here are some of our favorite tips on How To Help Pay For Kids Fall Sports Supplies. Not only can we help you stay in budget with these tips, we can manage to get your kids involved too!


Fundraisers: Car washes, bake sales, candy sales and other classic fund raisers are great to organize with the whole team. Not only do the funds go right back to them for supplies and needs, it gets the kids involved and teaches responsibility. Dual purpose events are always preferred.

Shop Thrift & Resale Shops: Lots of thrift shops and resale shops carry tons of great used equipment and uniforms. This is a great place to grab things for at home practice, or gear to wear during practice days.

Buy In Bulk: For things like team t-shirts, pants, socks, shorts, etc. you can find great deals through sports equipment companies or screen print t-shirt places for buying in bulk quantities. Even if you are ordering various sizes, you can often get a better deal when the whole team orders together rather than each person ordering separately.

Hand Me Downs: If older siblings were on the team the year before, now is the best time to go through their closet and grab the hand me down uniforms and equipment. As long as it still fits the requirements and is in good shape there is no shame in using them again for another child.

Part Time Jobs: While juggling sports, school and a job can be tough, there are many part time jobs that kids can do that will be flexible and work around their schedule. Taking on tutoring another student, helping in the school cafeteria or library, or babysitting neighborhood kids are all great options that are easy to work into their schedule.

No matter what you do to help pay for kids fall sports supplies this year, making sure they have quality supplies is important. When buying used make sure that everything is in working order. Uniforms and practice clothes aren’t as important as the safety equipment they will need. Some things should always be purchased new, but you can get great discounts by signing up for coupons or sports store sales discounts.

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