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Tablecloth Stain Removal Tip

My neighbor made this gorgeous embroidered table cloth for me as a gift.  She knows that I host Thanksgiving each year and surprised me with this beautiful table cloth.  It is so beautiful that I really didn’t want to use it! Then my Mom shared with me this Tablecloth Stain Removal Tip.

Tablecloth strain removal tip pretreat while on the table

However, I decided that even if it stained that it would be full of family memories.  After dinner my Mom and I noticed a few spills so she shared with me a great tip for removing stains that I want to share with you.  They come in so handy when using a white or light colored table cloth.

Tablecloth Stain Removal Tip:

Pre-treat your tablecloth while it is still on the table.  What?  It can’t be that simple!?!  It is!  One of the mistakes that we make is actually removing the table cloth and trying  to remember where the stain is.  If you have a table protector you can liberally spray a pre-treater directly onto the tablecloth with concern of damaging your table.  If you don’t use one I highly encourage you to purchase one.  It is worth the investment.

Start by dusting away all of your crumbs (you can shake your table cloth if necessary and then place back on the table) or use a small hand held broom.  Seriously though, we have used the dust buster. Next spray the stains with a pre-treater while on the table.  Then remove the table cloth and place it into the washer.  Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and then wash.  If you have a harsh stain use baking soda or Oxi Clean to aid in removing the stains.  Also never dry your table cloth until the stains are removed.  If you remove from the wash and find the stain then treat again, soak and wash.

By drying you actually set the stain into the fabric.  This is a mistake that you don’t want to make especially on a gorgeous embroidered table cloth this this one.  I am happy to report that our spills washed out and we are stain free and ready for Thanksgiving 2014!  I hope this tip helps you too!

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