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Using Vinegar To Clean Your Home

Using Vinegar To Clean Your Home

Vinegar is an all-purpose green cleaner that is readily available in every house and can be purchased inexpensively at the grocery store. This natural home cleaning product can be used in every part of your home and an easy remedy to most tough cleaning chores.  It is perfect for cleaning your home naturally and if you are gearing up for a house full of company this is a great go to green cleaner. This would be a great go to for the the New Year too if you want to get your home clean and organized!  I love using vinegar to clean my home in the spring too.

Using Vinegar To Clean Your Home

Odor free – The most common use for vinegar is to get rid of bad odors. Vinegar can be used to remove bad pet odor by putting it in your pet bath. It can also be used to remove odors from sinks and garbage disposal. The solution to a stinky room is a bowl of vinegar left out overnight. Even utensils that have tough odors that do not come off by washing can be made odor free by a rinse with some vinegar solution. Odors left in the microwave from heating food can also be eliminated by using vinegar.

Shine it up – Whether it is tough hard water stains on your faucets or soap scum residue on the bathroom walls, vinegar will clean it up in jiffy, leaving your faucets and bathroom shining like new. From window panes to glassware, you can ensure that the shine will return when you use vinegar to clean, soak or rinse. Just be sure not to use it on granite and marble.  I like to Mop with Vinegar.

Pest control – This environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaner can be used to get rid of ants and fruit flies. Since it is non-toxic, it can be sprayed around edibles without worry about harmful effects.  You can use vinegar to rid your kitchen of fruit flies.

General cleaning product – Vinegar is also used in washing machines to get rid of soap scum. Vinegar can also be used to clean kitchen counter, bathrooms and bathtubs. The acidic nature of vinegar makes it a good stain remover. Vinegar does not harm clothes and can be used as a stain remover for those tough stains.Vinegar’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it useful for removing bacteria and mold without using toxic chemicals that are harmful for our environment and our families.

I hope you enjoy cleaning with vinegar as much as I do.  If you don’t like the smell of vinegar use one of these citrus versions!  They are great and so easy to make!

Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Lemon Vinegar Cleaner

Grapefruit Vinegar Cleaner

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  1. Love this. I use vinegar and water to clean my windows. Can you use one of your cleaners for granite counter tops? thx

  2. I have dark hard water stains in my toilet bowl, I keep the toilet clean but these stains make it look horrible! Please Help! Thank you

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