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You are my purr-fect Homemade Valentine Card

You are my  purr-fect Homemade Valentine Card is an easy handmade valentine card for children to make who love their kitty cat!   Most of the supplies needed to make this this card you will find in your craft supplies.

You are my purr-fect Valentine Card

This card is very affordable and would make a great Room Mom craft project for younger children!  I simply used a piece of card stock for the card base (you could also use construction paper) and then used scrap card stock to create 4 hearts to create the cat.  I picked up a package of googly eyes at the dollar store!

You are my purr-fect Valentine Card

You are my purr-fect Valentine Card Supplies:

Glue, Glue Dots or Tape
Googly Eyes
Black Marker


  • Cut a piece of card stock in half and fold to make a card
  • Cut out 1 heart for the cats body and 2 (the same size) for the cats ears and a final heart for the cats nose
  • Glue hearts to create the cat onto the card
  • Attach two googly eyes
  • Draw on whiskers
  • Write your saying on the card

The You are my purr-fect Valentine Card is such a simple homemade card to make.  I hope you kids enjoy making cards as much we did!  We enjoyed making our cards for a fraction of the cost of store bought cards and everyone who received them made comments about how cute they were!

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