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Tips for Planning a Frugal Valentine’s Day

Tips for planning a frugal date night. Rule number one...no cell phones on date night!

If you are like me you like to plan a Frugal Valentine’s Day. Check out this article Tips for Planning a Frugal Valentine’s Day! There are lot of great resources available for you to plan the perfect Day and still remain in your budget. One thing for sure – there is NO cell phones on Valentine’s Day!

Also, if you haven’t purchased your McDonald’s coupons now would be a great time!  Shelley has a great post on how to Stockpile for Valentine’s Day at McDonalds and if you live local to Frisch’s be sure to purchase from of their Valentine’s coupons too!  By purchasing these coupons for yourself you are able to treat your kids after the holiday!

Be sure to check out my post on these cute handmade Valentine’s, how to make Candy Cane Hearts, my Frugal Candy Vase, perfect for the chocolate lover on your gift giving list and this cute photo craft I made out of cupcake liners!

Tips for Planning a Frugal Valentine’s Day

We don’t really exchange gifts however sometimes we exchange cards, letters or candy 🙂  Also, we never go out for Valentine’s Day.  We find it to be “over-rated” and expensive.  Instead I normally cook at home and always make this Red Velvet Cake for my hubby 🙂  How do you spend your Valentine’s Day?  Do you go out or celebrate at home?

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  1. We always go out but that is because we live with my parents right now and between them and our son, it’s not very “romantic” to stay at home.

  2. Think i am going to make a ding dong cake with pink frosting like i did when we were newlyweds! If you are wondering, it is like a large hostess ding dong.

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