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Snow Day Fun – Build A Snowman

Snow Day Fun - Build A Snowman

Snow Day Fun – Build A Snowman. With all the snow we are getting around the country I thought some of you may need some inspiration for what to do on all the snow days!  I created a Top 10 Reasons of why you should stockpile and my number 4 reason is being prepared for a snow day!

Be sure to check out my post on Snow Day Entertainment where you will find 10 great frugal ideas to keep your kids busy on a snow day.  Of course, if you have time on your hands I would also suggest organizing your stockpile and your coupon binder 🙂  Since it is the end of the month and we just had four inserts this past weekend it is great time to purge out expired coupons and clip and file the new ones.

Most importantly this is a chance to be a Memory Making Mom! You want to create memories that will last a lifetime and there is not better day than a snow day to do that!

Snow Day Activities Roundup – Need some ideas to help make a snow day FUN!

Snow Day Fun:

How to make Snowcream

Family Game Night

Frugal Family Fun = Dance Party

Build a Blanket Fort

Playing Cards = Cheap Entertainment

Winter Craft Project – Snowman Lantern

Eco Friendly Winter Craft – Soup Can Snowman

DIY Snowman Birdfeeder

How to make recycled crayons

How To Make Homemade Playdoh

Dress up

Button Ring

“Blessings” Jar

DIY How to Make Cloud Dough

DIY Bookmark

DIY Pedicures


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