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Re-growing Celery from Celery

Did you know you can grow celery from celery? Yes, you can! Click here!

Have you heard of Re-growing Celery from Celery?  I LOVE this idea for my garden!  Did you know that you can grow another complete celery stalk from the bottom piece that you cut off and throw away?   Cut off the end that you would normally “throw away” and then place it in a small dish filled with warm water for 5-7 days.

Did you know you can grow celery from celery? Yes, you can! Click here!

Next “pot” the celery stalk (Stalk Side Up) or place in your garden.  Just dig a small hole, fill it with water and set the end in the hole, then cover it up with an inch or so of soil. Water thoroughly.  That is it!  Now the “end” will grow into a full stalk of celery!  Rinse and Repeat and you never have to buy celery again!  Talk about a way to save money!  This photo is taken on day 7 and as you can see it is working!

You can also grow green onions from green onions and grow a pineapple from a pineapple too.

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  1. Did you know that you can do the same thing with green onions and pineapples? I found that on Pinterest too! 😉

      1. Yes you must twrist of top and pull off some of the leaves from the bottom put bottom in water takes about 1 month or so then moved to pot i have some that are 3 feet tall done like this

  2. It works because I started one 3 days ago and within 2 days it has grown over 2 inches in size. It is really cool. Going to plant in the ground this weekend….I grow celery every year…Love it…

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